Collected bracelets: Stones and their stories

Collecting beads has been a favorite past-time for me for a while now, and I've had even more fun using my collection to make this new series of colourful bracelets:

The beads I used for the series are collected over a number of years and origin from very different places and situations. 

(Click on the photographs to find out the stories behind the beads)

# 1 - the one that should be good for balance and creativity

# 2 - the one that's good for harmony and against high blood pressure

# 3 - The one with the vintage shells and neon beads

4 # - The one with the Indian bead

5 # - The one that should protect against negative energy

Many beads were sourced from Ebay, sent to me from China or Eastern Europe in small brown padded envelopes.
A large part of the collection comes from vintage necklaces, found in thrift-stores and on flea-markets, or given to me by friends and relatives.
My quest to find certain very specifically coloured seedbeads had me search the worldwideweb from the US to Japan, only to find the beads I was looking for in a little online shop located in some obscure corner of the Netherlands.

The bracelets are available on Etsy now!


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