BB's nursery inspiration

When T & I started redecorating baby-proofing our house the first room we started with, was the room for BB.

We want it to be a relaxing and cool nursery, not too baby-ish and with a vintage feel to it.
So we started out by painting the walls white (the last inhabitant of our apartment had them painted in a greyish purple) and got rid of the dirty-blue carpet, instead painting the concrete floor with a light-grey concrete-paint (perfect base for an old flokati rug we had laying around).
We bought an antique oak-wood wardrobe for all BB's clothes and toys, a vintage 50-ties commode (which we painted Yves Klein blue) and got an old rocking chair from my aunt and uncle.

Once we got to this point, the rest of the house, with its yellow, pink and stained whitish walls started screaming for our attention, so we got on with that, leaving the nursery at its bare state.
This means there's lots of time left to get inspired when it comes to the finishing touches.

A bit of inspiration:
Nursery by Casey Baudoin - My life as a Sugarlander
Via Weekday Carnival
Via Weekday Carnival
Interior of Justine Glanfield of Cotton& Milk by Milk magazine - spotted on 16house


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