Chimera / Shai Langen

photograph courtesy of Shai Langen
photograph courtesy of Shai Langen
An ongoing research of the future body.

photograph courtesy of Shai Langen

photograph courtesy of Shai Langen


Paper Art on Etsy || Parth Kothekar

photograph courtesy of Parth Kothekar
Art made from plain sheets of paper is the best. It shows there's magic in everything, if only you know how to find it (remember this Roald Dahl quote?).
Anyway, Parth Kothekar mastered the art of the papercut, and sells his work in this Etsy shop. Just in case you're looking for a present for someone. Me, for example.

Spotted here.


What i see when i run - plant portraits // another one of those Tumblrs

All beautiful botanical portraits in this post come from Tumblr-page 'What i see when i run' by Singaporian Francis Ooi. 
It's so worth your time to get lost on this beautiful Tumblr and keep scrolling down.


Although the name might suggest something different altogether, What i see when i run revolves entirely around botanical portraits. 
(also, photographer Francis Ooi doesn't actually run that often, but rather walks, according to his website)

What started out as a hobby, trying to catch the beauty of Singapore nature, turned into a business, and prints of these amazing photographs can be found on the What i see when i run website (linked to the Tumblr-page).


Post Natural History | Vincent Fournier

These animals don't exist.
They might, someday.
              Or not really...
But imagine they would.
Artist/Photographer Vincent Fournier created an encyclopaedia with imaginary 'Post Natural' engineered (improved) animals.
For much more, check out Vincent Fourniers' website, or postnaturalhistory.com.

All images courtesy of Vincent Fournier.

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