Give the gift of Green Fingers

Need inspiration for all those loved ones who pretty much have it all?
How about the gift of 'green fingers': Waterworks is an all-natural hydration system that makes caring for your houseplants incredibly easy.

photograph by Masha Bakker Photography
Design by House of Thol

A set consists of a Terracotta cone that is pushed into the soil of the plant, and a glass reservoir that is placed on top.
Because of the porous nature of the terra-cotta, water will slowly seep through the walls of the cone into the soil.
All you have to do is refill the reservoir when it's empty (takes approximately 2 weeks, depending on the type of plant). Easy, no?

photograph by Masha Bakker Photography
Design by House of Thol

And a set comes in this lovely cardboard packaging. Perfect for gift-giving!

Get your set in House of Thol's webshop now!
(they ship worldwide)

Looking for a bargain? Like House of Thol's Facebook page and/or follow them on Twitter for the latest promotions.


Textures and Tension

1. Robust - Assemblage by Thaddeus Wolfe - Spotted on Wmagazine
2. Woolly - Soft Forms by Mariko Wada
3. Subtle - Faience collection by Mathieu Pung / Phase 1-0 Design
4. Carved - By Mark Smalley 
5. Pretty - By Lenneke Wispelwey
6. Textured - By Lone Skov Madsen
7. Layered - Utilitarian collection by Ben Fiess
8. Imprints - Reversed Volumes by Mischer'Traxler
9. Tense - by Juz Kitson
10. Naturally crude - by Kazuhiro Katase
11. Old/New - Red Revisited by Bas Warmoeskerken
12. Nature - Jellyfish air plant by PetitBeast


Chinese + Easy = Chineasy

image courtesy of Chineasy.org

To me China is a country of contrast:
Enormous areas of natural beauty versus cities full of smog; villages full of skilled artisans versus huge factories creating design copies; lovely omnipresent culture versus a questionable approach to human rights; farmers with ox-carts versus state-of-the-art skyscrapers... -Somehow i can't really put my finger on this land of Mao.  (Maybe just as well, since it's Enormous)

image courtesy of Chineasy.org

image courtesy of Chineasy.org

Political situations aside, i've always loved Chinese characters -unless they're not tattooed on someones body-, but have never been able to make anything of them.

Luckily for me Taiwan-born ShaoLan teamed up with graphic artist Noma Bar (from Israel) to create 'Chineasy'.
After spotting the lovely graphics on Pinterest i was sourced back to Dezeen.com, where ShaoLan is quoted as follows:
"I created a methodology that breaks down thousands of Chinese characters into a few hundred base building blocks," explained ShaoLan. "When these building blocks are combined, they form compounds that can in turn be combined to create phrases. Through this method learners can quickly build a large vocabulary of characters with very little effort." 
image courtesy of Chineasy.org

'Quickly build a large vocabulary of characters with very little effort' - i'm up for that!

The book is published by Thames & Hudson and can be ordered online, for more information about the project check out the Chineasy website.
Just ordered a copy myself, i'll get back to you as soon as the mailman delivered it to my roof.
(i mean doorstep, obviously, but didn't find the right character)

image courtesy of Chineasy.org


Studio Thier&VanDaalen: Bubbles and Curator Cabinets

photograph courtesy of Studio Thier&VanDaalen

Have no idea why i didn't spot this earlier... i adore these Curator Cabinets by Dutch Design duo Thier&VanDaalen, which apparently they already showed during Dutch Design Week 2011 and the Salone in 2012.

photograph courtesy of Studio Thier&VanDaalen

Say what? 2011 Eindhoven? 2012 Milan?!
I must have been under a rock somewhere, can't believe i missed it back then.

photograph courtesy of Studio Thier&VanDaalen

The only negative i can find in this story is that the glass is not exactly glass, but acrylic glass. Which is probably just as well, when it comes to staying in one piece.
Alright then... added to the wish-list!

photograph courtesy of Studio Thier&VanDaalen


Happy pots

photograph courtesy of Atelier Stella

These pots by Atelier Stella (by Stella Baggott, London) make me smile. (spotted here)

photograph courtesy of Atelier Stella


the tub + the shower

Dolphin Court House - photograph by Toby Scott

Love the feel of this shower, would be perfect somewhere near T's bathtub, don't you agree?

Evolution Bathtub by Studio Thol - photograph by Johannes van Assem


Carpets to masks

Image courtesy of Fontanel
These masks are the result of a happy little accident that designer Bertjan Pot and his assistent Vladi Rapaport encountered when experimenting with carpet-making techniques.
More about them (and other work by the designer) can be found on Bertjan Pot's website.
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