Amsterdam stuff: Waterlooplein

I love this city.

T and I have been living in Amsterdam for almost 7 years now, and I'm still very much loving it.
What I like is the houses next to the canals, the ancientness of some parts of the city, the quiet hidden corners that have not yet been discovered by tourists, the little-village-feel, the shops, the bridges, the small distances (so easily covered by bike)... There's so much to love.

Yet when I have friends come over and they ask me where they should go, I never know what to tell them.
So I decided to dedicate a few blogs to Amsterdam-stuff: the places I like to go, scenes that shouldn't be missed and random shots of the city.

First one up: the 6-days-a-week flea market on Waterlooplein ('plein' = square).

Do you see the yellow star/dot/cross-thingy? I've added a yellow line from the central station for a possible route to the square. It would take you approximately 20 minutes to walk there.
Of course you can take the metro (it's the 2nd stop from central station on any metro-line), it will take you less than 5 minutes to get to the square, but you'll miss a lot of pretty city-sites.

Waterlooplein used to be a really big flea-market years ago (so I've been told), unfortunately nowadays the market only takes up one square.
Don't be discouraged, there is still a lot of bargains to hunt for, especially when the weather is nice (more shopkeepers show up when it's sunny).
Because it is one of the touristic hot-spots in town, there is a lot of rubbish too, but I always choose to just stay clear of the stalls selling cannabis-lollipops, and I hardly notice it anymore.

Here are a few images of my visit of Waterlooplein last week:
All photographs by Worldofdriftwood on Instagram

I ended up buying the 'thumbs-up' pin (in the 4th pic, look closely and you'll notice it) for only 50 cts. Maybe I should have bought a few more of those pins. they would be great pick-me-up-presents for anyone.

Waterlooplein flea market is open Monday-Saturday from approximately 10 am till 4 pm.

ps. If you're at the square, take a short moment to walk towards the Hermitage (museum) next to the Amstel. you'll pass one of my favorite window-displays in the city:


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