The Couch

When it comes to interior decorating and furniture T and I see eye to eye on pretty much everything.
(White walls? - Of course.; Concrete painted floors? - Yes please!; Vintage rug? - Gorgeous!)

Now, however, we have come to a point where we just don't seem to be able to find common ground:


First of (and we agree on this) it needs to be comfortable, at least 2 meters in width, affordable, preferably vintage, and both cat- and BB-proof.
Of course we also want it to be beautiful, and although we agree on the fact that very few beautiful couches exist, we have a very different idea about what makes a sofa look nice.

For example: I like leather. A lot.
I know here are a lot of very very ugly leather couches out there, but when it comes to interiors, a nice leather sofa is like good jeans (or leather jacket): a staple item, that only gets better with age.

Also, I think a sofa should not be heavy-looking, but instead look airy and slim: thin legs, not too broad on the armrests, that kind of work.

And I like pillows, not too many, but a few very stylish ones, preferably with an eclectic feel to them, like the ones made from old navajo rugs or with an ikat print.

We're not really in a hurry with the couch -ideally we would have a new one before BB arrives, which gives us well over three months-, so we'll have time to negotiate.

Well, T, here's what I have in mind when I say 'nice leather sofa':

Via DoYouFancyThis - photograph Husman och Hagberg - Styling Hannas Room
Via BlackbirdStyle

Via DoYouFancyThis - Photograph Bolaget Fastighetsförmedling
Spotted on sfgirlbybay
Sold on Sit and Read - via Weekday Carnival

Weathered leather couch - source unknown

Found on Pinterest


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