Upcoming exhibition: Kerkje van Persingen

In the Week-ends of 17/18 & 24/25 March the second 'Meanderlingen' exhibition will take place in the little old church of Persingen (close to Nijmegen, the Netherlands).

I know it's only a little over two weeks from now, and the weather will probably not turn to sunshine and warmth in that short period of time, but since it's almost spring, there is a (tiny) possibility the church and its surroundings will look something like this:

Photograph via VVV (Tourist-agency) Arnhem-Nijmegen

Even without the cows and clear blue skies the church is a beautiful building and I'm sure you can tell it's a great location for an exhibition.

We had a first 'Meanderlingen' exhibition here last summer ('We' being Wilfrie Linssen -bronze sculptures-, Jan van Oort -abstract paintings- and myself -jewellery-), which was pretty well visited.
Since we'll be there for 2 week-ends this time (instead of just one), we're hoping for twice the turnout!

To sum it all up:

Meanderlingen II
Jan van Oort -Wilfrie Linssen - Jana Flohr

17-18 & 24-25 March 2012
11:00 - 17:00

Kerkje van Persingen
6575 JA Persingen

Last summer the exhibition was over in a jiffy. I had so much fun talking to all the visitors that I totally forgot to take good photographs (typical...).
So please come and see for yourself. - Entrance is free!


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