Happy Monday: Strandbeesten by Theo Jansen

Just because this really makes me happy:

This film reminds me of a clear day in spring: blue skies and the hint of warmer weather, but the beach still windy and kinda chilly so there aren't a lot of people there: a perfect day for a Strandbeest ('Beachbeast').

It also reminds me of a trip T and I went on to go see the Strandbeesten at a beach near Den Haag one spring day a few years back.
Both of us came from different directions: I took the train from Rotterdam -where I worked at the time- and T came by car from his workshop in Amsterdam. When we both finally got there, it took us ages (and gradually reddening faces) to find the exact stretch of beach where the beasts would be 'living' that evening.
In the end we didn't make it in time, and the Strandbeesten were already being dismantled. Bleh.

But, sitting on the beach, having a drink and watching the sun set... well, you can imagine it wasn't all bad (or bad at all).

We will get a chance to see the Strandbeesten again, I'm certain. And next time, we'll make sure to be there a couple of hours early, so we might actually get to see them walking.
Meanwhile, I'm just enjoying watching the video's and photographs on the Strandbeest website.

(And thinking about spring)


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