Solidifying dreams: THE STORE

It must have been years ago when T and I first started dreaming about expanding our design-activities into something more.
A B&B perhaps, in which we would design a themed interior for every single room, with an adjacent shop/gallery where guests and non-guests could buy all the products we designed.
Or -after a trip to Berlin- a coffee bar / waffle restaurant with the same idea: a continuously changing interior design, where every chair, table, cabinet and coffee-cup is for sale.

But most often we discussed the possibility to combine a design studio and -shop. To create a place where visitors could experience the whole design-process, from first idea to a saleable product. But this studio/shop should be more, a hangout, with lectures now and then, and the possibility to participate in workshops.

Many a summers' night (and bottle of wine) was spent discussing possible future enterprises and dreaming big. Over time our musings slowly but steadily began to solidify into plans.

And now it might be time to stop musing and get into action...

More to come soon...


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