Amsterdam interior: visiting... ourselves 2 years ago

There you go: A typical tiny cosy Amsterdam apartment, conveniently located at a 10-minute bike ride from the city-centre, near the Amstel river and close to train, metro and bus.

T and I very happily lived here for 4.5 years.


(We had to move last summer and now live in a not-quite-so-nice house on a not-quite-so-convenient location - luckily it's big)

But let's remember the good times:
Our previous home was even featured in a magazine. We had interior photographer Henny van Belkom come over, and he did magic with his camera. Here are some of the pictures he took:

greyish blue + white + greens

aquamarine + purple + gold

white + yellow + aquamarine + rose

grey + white + green

Schroef on the mantle: black + white on blue + white + natural wood

aquamarine + inlaid wood + blue + yellow

white + blue + rose + grey

All photographs by Henny van Belkom.


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