How it's made: Faceture by Phil Cuttance

The Faceture series, designed and made by New Zealand based designer Phil Cuttance, offers a lot of things I love: bright coloursfacets (FACETS!), and the fact that each piece is hand-made and numbered.

Faceture Vases
Images by Petr Krejci & Phil Cuttance

Faceture Lightshades
Images by Petr Krejci & Phil Cuttance

What I love most about it, however, is the machine the designer made to produce the series:

The Machine
Images by Petr Krejci

And here's how it works:

FACETURE from Phil Cuttance on Vimeo.

How much nicer would the world be if only more things were made in pretty machines like this...


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