My secret stash of geometrics - Paper models of Polyhedra

Since we're all into geometrical shapes lately (check this blogpost), I'll let you in on a little secret.

A few years ago I accidentally stumbled upon the website of Gijs Korthals Altes: Paper models of Polyhedra.
Because of its database structure the website may not look very fancy, but don't let that distract you, this site is a true treasure-trove of downloadable geometric paper models.

Here are some -very easy- models I made today (including their beautiful mathematical titles):

I couldn't find a lot of information about the author except that he lives in Delft (the Netherlands), and started the website as a hobby. The site first came out in 1998 and Korthals Altes keeps regularly adding new building boards (the last one was added 19 days ago).

It does take some practice to build the more intricate models. But hey, it's snowing outside, what else is there to do?


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