Wishing I was there, Y'all.

Because a dear friend got married this past July, we spent our summer in the south of the US. We rented a car and drove through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.
Needless to say: It was awesome.
And... it was hot.

So now, in the not even that cold but still rather dreary month of January, I am doing the best I can to relive those days.
Imagining that we weren't able to stay outside for too long because of the heat and had to move from AC to AC does not come easy to me right now.
Luckily, pictures are very helpful.

Texas - Hill country

Texas - Gruene

Texas - Mailboxes

Tennessee - Memphis

All the photographs were taken by me with my old Konika Minolta Z10.
By the time we left Tennessee, the vacation-mode had fully set in, and I hardly took any pictures (except for 'mental pictures' of course. Snap. ;-])


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