Thinkables: Anu Tuominen

Anu Tuominens' works are subtle installations that redefine the day-to-day.
Her projects make me muse about the overlooked splendour of the world and our everyday life. She accentuates the magic that is hidden in plain sight, visible only to those who know how to perceive it.

Her book 'Thinkables' is not only a book with pretty pictures, it could also be a lesson in which the artist helps us to start noticing the treasures we might have otherwise missed.

You can buy this magical book for a mere € 29,- (including shipment) at the Anu Tuominen website.

Obviously this website is also the place to go if you'd like to see more of her projects, either that or be mesmerized for a while by an Anu Tuominen google-search.


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