Help me pick colours, the reward will be grand.

Al right, so I made this Tote that has 'Tralalalala' on it. It started out as something I did just for me, because I needed a handy linen bag I could use for groceries and stuff.

Since I made a stencil anyway and had some fabric-paint left-overs in several colours, I decided to make more bags, as gifts, and to -who knows- maybe sell.

As it turned out, the totes make a lot of people smile. And at €10,- a piece, many people don't think twice before ordering one. Great!


A short while back I made a new batch. It took me a lot longer than I remembered. Plus, since the left-overs of the fabric-paint were all used up, I had to buy new paint, which actually was quite costly.
While working, I started calculating the costs for these bags in my head and came to the sombre conclusion that I was making less money than I would earn in a sweat-shop in some parts of Asia.

Hmmm... OK.
Not the wisest business-model, apparently.

Time to turn it around:
The company from which I bought the linen totes in the first place, can actually print them for me as well. There is a catch, however: I'll have to order a large number of bags at once, and you pay a start-up fee for each colour you want to use.

I am now ready to invest and to have a batch of the Tralalala-bags made, but don't have the money to have them made in every colour. I'll have to invest wisely and choose the colours (I think I'll pick 2) that appeal to most people.

So help me out, friends!
Please comment on this post and tell me which colour you like most. (in rhyme, hell yeah)

Of course there's reward to be earned: everybody who leaves a comment with their favourite tralalalala-colour, will receive a 10% discount on the new Tralalalala bags.

Wait a minute!
That means you can get this happiness-inducing tote for only 9 euros!?!!
A grand reward indeed.


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