Mieke Willems: the pretty world of everyday life

Mieke Willems is someone who has beauty-goggles on her head all the time: she has the ability to discover pretty things or special situations everywhere.
Luckily she shares the outcome of what must be a daily treasure-hunt with the whole wide world via her blog.
Here are a few photographs of her life in Antwerp, Belgium:

Truth is: Mieke Willems is not actually a person. The blog is shared by Belgian artists Mieke Verbijlen en Veronik Willems.

On one hand i do feel bummed out about this person taking those lovely photographs not actually existing. On the other hand... in my mind she's still there, an entity that's a dynamic mix of her two godmothers: A curious girl walking the streets of Antwerp with a camera around her neck, scouting for beauty everywhere everyday.

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