Dear Moleskine journal, I love you, but I think it's time to start seeing other journals

A few years ago I got introduced to Moleskine, and since then I have enthusiastically filled 11 notebooks (in various colours), 3 diaries (black, both flexible and hard-covered) and 1 address-book (black, still my only tangible source of addresses).

The robust look and feel of Moleskine journals appeals to me, it invites me to scribble and doodle away freely and I always find a good use for the flap/pouch in the back.

However, lately my eyes started wandering. I started to notice the other journals that are out there, and slowly but steadily began to detach myself from the conviction that Moleskine is the only notebook for me.

So, dear Moleskine journal, I highly appreciate all the things you have done for me and will always cherish the special bond we have, but for now I am exploring other options.

Look at these beauties:

Recycled Notebooks by Tamasyn Gambell

Notebook bound in vintage map, by House of Ismay

Colour Block Notebooks, available at

Patterned Planners, available at

Handmade Notebooks by Nika Perne, get them at her Etsy store

2012 Planner Calendar by Julia Kostreva

In my search for journals I discovered the AMAZING Present & Correct web shop.
The online store has its base in London and was set up by two graphic designers whose long-term obsession with stationery has culminated in a constantly evolving store (their words). It holds paper and office objects which are inspired by homework, the post office and school.
> Take time to check out their shop. I am seriously considering to spend money on this Scroll Wall Calendar someday soon.

Back to the notebooks:  I ended up buying one the old-fashioned way, in a 'Sissy-boy' store in a city in the South of the Netherlands. Here it is:

Feeling jealous much? Not to worry: as it turns out these journals are also available at


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