The bathtub I would buy a matching house for.

Amsterdam is a great city to live in.
A lot of people agree on that.
Or... wait a minute... not so great at all.

Because so many people want to live in a city that is not really big, finding an affordable spacious house is pretty much impossible.

Therefore many of us enjoy the comfort of a 'toilet and shower-closet', usually situated in the middle of an apartment with no natural light or ventilation whatsoever. The cramped space has 1 perk: being able to use the shower head makes cleaning the toilet a lot easier.

Although I am working hard to be able to move to a bigger house soon, I never really felt the need for a large bathroom. Until I saw this bathtub:

The bathtub is made of a marble (!) composite and has a handmade frame made of American white oak.
Designer Thomas Linssen, also living and working in Amsterdam, has taken the time to fine-tune this beauty. And you can clearly tell: every little detail has been tirelessly thought through without the bathtub becoming over-designed.
And all this design-goodness did not detract anything from its comfort, on the contrary: the shape was actually derived from the ergonomics of a chair: focused completely on the human body.

Photographs by Johannes van Assem

Unfortunately I have not yet been able to enjoy a bath in this special tub.
But I definitely will, once I've bought a house to match.


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