DIY Tutorial: Flag line birthday brooch

This Week-end is my mothers birthday.
Being in her sixties, she doesn't get too excited about it any more, but she is always happy to have friends and family come over and spend time together.
I, on the other hand, take birthdays very seriously, as I cherish every possible cause for celebration and festiveness (a motive to wear something sequinned).

Since I am already in a festive mood I decided to share this tutorial with all of you. It will sure help make any birthday more extraordinary.

These are the things you need:
  • A pair of scissors
  • Several rolls of washi-tape (or paper and glue)
  • String (any kind you fancy)
  • 2 Safety pins
  • A little bit of super glue, preferably with a micro-dropper
the things you need
Al right, let's get started.

1. First, we cut a piece of the washi-tape and fold in around the string. Don't worry about cutting it too precisely, we'll trim it later. Do try to leave enough string on both ends to make it easier to knot around the safety-pins later and aim to 'catch' the string in a straight line through the crease.

2. Repeat this with all the washi-tapes you have. Of course you can also use pieces of paper and glue them around the string, washi-tape just makes it that much easier.

3. The next step is cutting the folded tapes into triangles or flags. You'll notice that the pieces of tape in this example are not all the same size. The flags don't need to be the exact same shape or size either. Keep it playful. Flags are not always triangles. Go crazy a bit and mix in some two-pointed banner-flags or squares.
One thing to keep in mind though: once you start cutting, make sure you cut AWAY FROM THE STRING. We don't want you cutting the work you have done so far in half, now do we?

Look, now it is beginning to emit that festive feeling. Let's make it into something you can wear and enjoy all day long.
4. For that, you use the two safety pins. Knot the string through the loop of the pins, so it won't slip off. I'll be honest with you: here is where I used tweezers to get the string through its own loop a couple of times.
5. To make sure the knot will hold, drip a teeny tiny bit of super glue on it. Be careful not to use too much of it or to accidentally glue your flag line to your workspace or a piece of paper (try to refrain from sticking your fingers to each other too, please). Leave to dry for a short while (depends on the glue) and trim the string.

Tataaaa: Finished!!

You can now either wear the flag line yourself or make it into a birthday gift for someone special. If you choose to do the latter, make sure you give the brooch at the beginning of the day, so your friend can wear it all day long.
Finished and made into a gift

Not the crafty type, but loving the flag line? Don't worry! Similar flag lines are available in the World of Driftwood online shop for only € 15,-.


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