Work place

Depending on where T and i are moving i might have or don't have room for a work place in my house.
Not that i need a lot of space to work, one table would do just fine. Right?

Styling Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse (hitta-hem) - Photograph by Christopher Johnson
spotted here
'Le Scriban' by Margaux Keller for La Redoute
Hmmm... i might be romanticizing the way i work.

Who am i kidding?? There's no way there'll be enough room for all my clutter and materials on one desk. 
It's going to have to be a room.
A room with a door i can close, so T doesn't have to see my mess.

Oh well. 
I can still put one of these desks in that room.

Edited: i prepared this post a week ago, a lot has changed since then...
Now we know where we're going to live, i know there's definitely no spare room available for me to work in. Even worse: there is not even a proper place to put a desk.
But i thought up something: we'll make a hinged desk in a build-in closet. We have just the perfect nook for something like that in our new living room.
That way my work station won't be taking in too much space ánd any clutter can be hidden behind doors.
Better still: I'll be forced to clean up my desk every day, to make it possible for it to be hinged back into the cupboard.

Now i've come up with this amazing idea, all i have to do is gather inspiration on-line. Oh... and make it, of course.
We'll figure it out.


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