Cacti crazy

Lately i've been going crazy for cacti.

Photograph by Jacinta Moore (bawkbawk)
spotted here

I remember we used to have a large cactus in our window-sill when i was little, which i didn't particularly like because i accidentally brushed into it on several occasions while playing hide and seek. (i know, hiding behind the curtains is no expression of a great deal of creativity, but hey... i was six)

Fast forward to a whole lotta years later, and i seem to have finally dealt with my cactus-needle-trauma. Since my track record when it comes to keeping leafy plants alive is not ermm... great, i think it might be a good idea to get me some cacti. Also, T loves them.

Plenty of inspiring pics to be found on the web:

Styling Cleo Scheulderman - Photograph Jeroen van der Spek
for vtwonen
Photograph by Renilde Depeuter (at swim-to-birds)
spotted here

from The poetry of material things
Spotted on The Shiny Squirrel
original source unknown
Photograph by the Designhoarder
pots by Kim Jaeger + Andy Hutson for Mr Kitly
originally spotted here
Oh and all those lovely pots!
I can already feel the post fully dedicated to those ceramic beauties starting to bubble...


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