Getting ready to move / Paperman

So... We found a house.
And now we're in the process of getting ready to move.
In one week.

Since we're downsizing i need to throw out a lot of stuff. Which i hate. Can't help thinking about all the ways items might turn out to be useful one day, and that when that day comes, we'll be so sorry that we got rid of it.
But T might have a point when he says i could do with a little less stuff. There are in fact boxes that have not been opened since the last time we moved. By now i've forgotten what's in them, i doubt i'll seriously be missing any of it.

Anyway, loads to do.

But boy, am i glad i took a bit of time off to watch this short (oscar-nominated) film from Disney.
I'm still smiling.

Have a lovely weekend!


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