Happy Wrapping by Happy F&B

Alright, gift-giving season is long gone, but that doesn't mean there are no more gifts that need to be wrapped.
There's still birthdays, babyshowers, weddings... plenty of reasons go crazy with cool wrapping paper and stylish techniques.
That said, i usually end up not having enough time to wrap a present in plain old craft-paper, let alone do something special with it.

Now if only i could get my hands on these 'Happy Wrapping'-sets:

By Viktor Waldas and Erik Dolk for Happy F&B
image courtesy of Happy F&B

By Emma Hässel and Lina Salén for Happy F&B
image courtesy of Happy F&B


Image courtesy of Happy F&B

This lovely concept of combining wrapping paper and well-designed stickers was thought up by advertising agency HAPPY F&B (stands for Happy Forsman & Bodenfors) from Sweden. Back in 2009 they commissioned several young designers to come up with the designs.
With the sets any boring package can be turned into a house / fruit / face.
(that way, if someone doesn't like the present you got them, they can at least praise the way the gift was wrapped)

Apparently, the fruit wrapping paper (noticed the colors on the inside?) even came with a scent.
Past tense.
Sadly, it seems these wrapping sets were made for the 2009/2010 Holiday season, and are not available to the general public (anymore?).

Also part of the Happy Wrapping series were these gift boxes...

Image courtesy of Happy F&B

...which i also love, and i also can't find anywhere.

If anyone can tell me more or knows of places/websites where i can buy the sets, please get in touch!


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