Thriftstore treasure: the Stern Lady

Today i brought this stern looking lady home:
photograph by WorldofDriftwood

To be precise: i bought the painting at a thrift store in Amsterdam but T was the one actually bringing it home since it was too large for me to carry on the train (not that the painting is gigantic, but i had babyboy with me).

Anyway, now she's living with us.

Since her austere look makes her less appropriate for the bedroom (at least for my sleepy head), i guess she'll be roaming the house for a while until we've found her a proper new place to live.

The painting is signed 'Hessel de Boer 1950'.
A little google-action taught me that Hessel de Boer was a Dutch painter who was born in Haarlem in 1921, lived in Den Haag and died in 2003. De Boer was best known for his subtle and colorful townscapes, but painted quite a few portraits in his days, often of fellow artists.

i wonder who this woman is and why she's looking at me so intensely.
i'm sure she'll tell me as soon as she's settled in.


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