Popping pop up

Supersize popup by Jacques Pense / Jung von Matt for Ambi Pur

Brilliant work by German designer Jacques Pense / Advertisement agency Jung von Matt.

i came across this lovely image while checking Pinterest on my mobile, and didn't initially notice the can in the corner. 
In fact i didn't notice the can until i googled the image and found out it was a commercial installation for Ambi Pur.


After finding out it was indeed an advertisement instead of an art piece, i was hesitant featuring it on this blog.  

Then i stopped and thought again: OF COURSE it should be featured.
It should be featured because more companies should invest in installations like this instead of just implementing the well-known cardboard-semi-artsy-installation-with-free-samples.

For more information and images, check out Jacques Pense on Behance.


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