t y p e _ l o v e

via Josephmakes

Even though i'm a product designer by trade, i love graphic design and have spent many a night (i'm talking hours and hours here) downloading new fonts.

Finding the right typeface has become a whole lot easier with the sample-pages that circle the web (more specifically: Pinterest), usually put together by graphic designers and/or bloggers.
A few overviews i discovered lately:

From Elegance and Enchantment.com
from Yellow Bliss Road

from Amanda
From A subtle revelry
Neat, right? i'll try and create my own little font-sampler soon. Meanwhile, follow my Pinterest-board t y p e _ l o v e for more lovely lettering.

Also, how about this little sampler of ribbon and frame dingbat fonts:
from She's kinda crafty
Aah.... dingbats.... another online treasure-hunt a person (me) could get lost on for hours and hours and hours...


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