The Party.

from my instagram

Yesterday i was out and about, enjoying the sunshine and gathering supplies for our Grande fĂȘte this Saturday.
T and i decided to throw a party for all kinds of reasons: both our birthdays (my 30th), Xam being 6 months old and our unexpected move to the seaside.
And since it's fi-nal-ly (seriously Fi-Nal-Ly) spring, we chose the obvious tropical beach BBQ theme (well, i picked it, T is just going along with it...).

Now, since we're in the Netherlands and it's only May (not that June, July or August are much better), the forecasts for next weekend are actually not that great, which means we might end up moving the whole scene indoors.
oh well... At least we'll have pine-apple paper plates to eat from and paper straws for our cocktails. All will be awesome.


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