Spring cleaning @ Sunday Market this Weekend!

It's spring! ... well kinda...
Anyway, i decided to do a little spring cleaning - this weekend i'll be having a DRIFTWOOD COLLECTION SALE at the Sunday Market in Amsterdam.


Items are going to be sold for CRAZY PRICES as i seriously need to free up some space in my workshop for new work.

Best part: i'm not going out there alone this time, but team up with my friends Frederike Top and Wendy Klaver.

The weather is promising to be ok-ish, which is perfect for visiting a Sunday Market: leisurely strolling between stalls with all kinds of design and art, and sitting down for a nice cuppa in one of the nearby bars when your feet are getting too cold.

If you see a stall with lovely little text-lights, gorgeous ceramics and quirky jewelry, with three slightly frozen but still brightly smiling ladies behind it - don't look no further: that's us.
We'll be there from 12:00 till 18:00. 
click for more Sunday Market info.

Hope to see you there!


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