On my wish-list: Monogrammed mugs

T and i have mugs in all shapes and sizes, ranging from delicate porcelain cups to plump stoneware 'I love NY'-mugs.
We both have our favorites, and since this is a collection that was accumulated over years, each mug comes with its own story.
Don't get me wrong: i love my mugs, and i love their stories.

But... (you knew there was a 'but', right?)
...what i don't like is the way they make my cupboard look so extremely cluttered.

So out with the old, in with the new: from now on, the only new kind of mug that gets to live in my cupboard is the kind with a letter on it. 
One letter.
Bring on the monogram
(just found out that i should say 'initial' since a monogram is officially made from two or more letters. Thank you Wikipedia)

photograph courtesy of Playtype
Loving these mugs by Playtype -get them here-, but missing a handle.

Tickledpinkgoods on Etsy
I found a few mugs on Etsy, but -sadly- these ones were sold out. A few vintage ones are available (here, B here, F here), but all in the United States, which makes shipping them way too expensive.

Design Mom posted a great DIY back in 2010:

Courtesy of Designmom
I honestly love this, but since it involves tracing lines on a very slippery and rounded surface, i don't believe my hand is steady enough to pull this off in a quality i'd be happy with.

Of course i could always have mugs printed by one of those online print-company's (vistaprint and the likes), but that just takes away the magic.

No, i guess i'll just have to browse the thrift-stores for vintage initial-mugs, or figure out an (even) easier way to make them myself.

Will keep you posted.


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