Made of cork but not necessarily meant for thumbtacks

Bug collection by Ryosuke Fukusada + Rui Pereira
Spotted on Spoon & Tamago

Somewhere in the back of my mind there was the vague notion of once reading something about cork becoming a hard-to-come-by material. Something to do with wine bottles, tree-disease, pollution or the likes.

i must have misremembered because nowhere can i find any mention of cork oaks going extinct or any other reason why cork would disappear from our material-workbook. On the contrary, because the harvest of cork does not involve cutting down the actual tree it's considered an environmentally friendly material (thank you Wikipedia).

And since it's sustainable many designers are using the material for new products that have very little to do with wine-bottles or message-boards.

Rufo Cork drum by Studio Pedrita for Materia
Re-done appliances by Gaspard Tiné-Berès for Re-Do Studio

Viana Clog by Reality Studio via Pour Porter

Bote by BIG-GAME for Materia
photograph by Julien Chavaillaz


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