Cyanotype Magic: Blueware tiles by GLITHERO

Let's start this new week with a little bit of old-fashioned alchemical magic:

photograph courtesy of Glithero 

These BLUEWARE TILES by English/Dutch design studio Glithero are created with an old photographic printing process called Cyanotype.

For a full story visit the Glithero website, i'll just share a few more lovely pics:

photograph courtesy of Glithero 

how about these lovely vases:

photograph courtesy of Glithero 

As it turns out Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren from Glithero are not the only artists to (re)discover the 19th century technique of Cyanotype (example here).
Google is full of cyan blue nature prints and ready to go paper kits are widely available online (although i have yet to discover a Dutch distributor).

I found instructions to make your own light-sensitive paper here on instructables, and there's a kit available at Amazon.

ps. Chemical names of the components are not always easily translated one-on-one: i found Dutch instructions on how to prepare the Cyanotype solution on this forum, and also this dutch tutorial which should be quite helpful.


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