Wall wishlist

One day I'll have my very own art wall.

Right now the art collection that would be presented stylishly on said wall is hardly a collection at all. 
Worse still: the one vintage oil painting and three screen prints it consists of have been standing in a corner of our living room for the last few months, waiting to be mounted. T and I simply can't decide on what would be the best place to put them.
Meanwhile I continue to be inspired by jealous of all the art walls I see on the blogs I follow. 
I need to get on with it, maybe get a few cool posters to get things started. 

Ellens Album recently had a pretty good poster guide, check it out here.

A few posters I would like to have on my wall:

1. Fox/Bird by Kristine Mandsberg
2. Nr. 24 by Anne Nowak
3. ABCD Poster by Playtype
4. Tiger says meow! by RK Design (has been on my wishlist since forever...)


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