Post-pregnancy style post

Little one is almost 6 weeks, and I feel like I'm slowly getting my body back.

I'm pretty certain it will take a while (apparently it should be 9 months up to a year) before I'll be able to fit in all my clothes, and even then, some of the tinier skirts and dresses might be lost to me forever. At least my interest in fashion/style is slowly being rekindled.
Maybe it has something to do with having to resort to wearing pyjama pants for so many weeks, but I can't wait to be able to wear something nice again, to dress up a bit.

A few things:
1. Knotted leather belt by Rilleau leather (great story, check their website)

2. Bow Feather Headpiece by Maison Michel for Opening Ceremony
3. Neotribal Enamel Necklace by the Driftwood - get it here


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