Three Nations Blog

A few weeks ago I discovered this blog by Australian/Croatian/Dutch paper artist Marsha Golemac.

I love how seemingly effortless Marsha turns ordinary scraps of paper into colourful paper delights, and how she shares her passion with others, both via her blog as well as by organizing workshops.

A few of her projects:

artwork by Marsha Golemac, photographs by Brooke Holm

Enchanting Form - Photograph Marsha Golemac
Mineral Matter - photograph by Marsha Golemac
Paper cubes - photograph by Marsh Golemac

Check out Three Nations Blog for more work, upcoming events and photographs of her travels.

Somewhat related: 
Unfortunately I don't have an Ipad (yet), but once I do, I'll definitely download the Foldify App, which makes making paper art so easy it kinda feels like cheating.


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