Shipping to my front door: Dille & Kamille

Being pregnant and having a little baby basically kept me inside the house for the last two months. Not too convenient, with the Holidays just around the corner. In the Netherlands we actually celebrate 'Sinterklaas' around December 5th, so Holiday-gift-giving starts a little early.

Luckily for me there's the Web and its multitude of online shops, many of which deliver their goods to your house within two days, and without charging a whole lot for shipment.

For Sinterklaas I ordered a few of my presents from the Dutch store 'Dille & Kamille'.
Dille & Kamille sells all kinds of kitchen- and household ware made from 'original' materials: glass, steel, wood, ceramic. Basics mostly, those little things everyone uses, only prettier in kind of a good old fashioned way, and great for gift giving.

Unfortunately Dille&Kamille doesn't have a branch in my hometown of Amsterdam. Turns out I don't need to worry about that though, because it looks like the full collection is available in their online shop, and they ship within two days (only within the Netherlands and Belgium at the moment, but who knows...).

All items available at the Dille & Kamille webshop (in Dutch only)
Photographs by Dille & Kamille


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