Present & Correct

Present&Correct is a UK based web-shop specialized in stationery, set up by two graphic designers back in 2008. In the shop they sell their own work, as well as vintage finds and things they love from other designers.

This is Not a sponsored post, I just really really really love the collection of goodies they have on offer, and can't help going back to their website regularly to try and find a reason to finally order a few things.

Perhaps I can get a few of my presents from the shop this Holiday-season, that way I can save on shipping costs (+ I won't have to feel guilty about ordering most of the goodies just for me). 

(by Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud)
Midori brass stencil bookmark
Science letter set
Primary card set
Balloon good luck card
Graph tape
Baby Book
Science stamp kit
Scroll wall calendar

Know it all pencil set
Carnaval Animal by Iris de Vericourt 
(remember this post?)
Wood atom set


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