In our last house I painted a large section of our bedroom-part of it (it was a tiny studio apartment) in a minty green: RAL 6019.
(Click here for an article about that house)

Back then I had to have the colour custom mixed, and I remember the guy mixing it looking at me like I was some crazy early 90-ties relic-woman when he saw the outcome. It made me a bit apprehensive about what T would think of me painting such a large part of our house in such a... well... special colour, but went on with it anyway, since I didn't have a lot of time for the redecoration.
I opted for a matte, powdery finish in order to make it look more 50-ties powder room and less 90-ties Barbie-house.
Luckily both T and I ended up loving our minty-green walls and cupboard-doors. I even brought the custom made doors with me when we had to move (although they're still in our downstairs-storage space). 

No minty-green/arsenic/white-green in our current dwelling yet, but lately I've seen the colour pop-up
everywhere. Hmmmm... I still have a jar of paint that's about three-quarters full....
Partyparty mint quarts patterns by Confetti System - via pinterest
Flaked paint store front - via here
Day at the beach - via Instagram
(Because I just love paper straws even though they're ridiculously expensive)
Striped paper straws via Leo & Bella
Via Colourworld - original source unknown
Budapest - by Masha Matijevic
Our old house - photograph by Henny van Belkom
Nerd chair by David Geckeler for Muuto - spotted on A Merry Mishap


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