Diaper bag

T and I are counting down the weeks...
It's strange to think of the Little One who will be part of our lives so soon. I feel like I only just got used to being pregnant.

Still a lot of stuff to cross off our to-do/to-buy list before BB is here though.
One thing: a diaper bag.


Diaper bags.


I don't know about you, but I have yet to encounter one of those multi-purpose bags that doesn't scream 'Baby!', or is just plain ugly.
Not that I have anything against bags that are straightforward about their function, -I own a really cool vintage first aid bag that has a large red cross on it-, but why do those bags have to be either pink or baby-blue?
Of course there are those diaper-bags for guys that are black or greyish, but they look more like the lap-top bags your dad used to carry around in the early nineties (remember, when laptops were twice the size they are now?).

And no.
No thanks. I don't want a bag with a life size photograph of my kid on it. I rather just look at his life version, since he's probably close to that bag anyway.

Anyway, I went on a frantic on-line search for a cool (and affordable, I should add) diaper bag / bag that could service as one.

How about these ones?:

Waxed Canvas Backpack by Ottobags - via Uncovet

Ben by Freitag
Richard by Ally Capellino


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