New Basics - Habitat

We used to have a Habitat store in the Netherlands. In fact, I think we had a few of them, scattered through the country. 
Alas, no more. Now we have to go to Antwerp for the nearest Habitat location. 
Or the Worldwideweb of course - although the original Habitat-store based in the UK doesn't appear to ship to the Netherlands. 

Oh well, at least I can check out on-line why I would have to get myself over to London or Antwerp again.


1. Harrison dining chair - 2. Beckett Grey large leather & Oak desk  - 3. Photographic tripod desk legs - 4. Grid throw - 5. Flap large analogue wall clock - 6. Folio a5 leather notebook - 7. Shropshire Chopping board - 8. Garland pendant shade (Tord Boontje for Habitat) - 9. Hester dining chair - 10. Ethan small bench


My name is Jana, this is where i collect things