Halloween DIY

Halloween is not something that's really celebrated here in the Netherlands, it's not part of heritage, I guess.
However, under the influence of American television series and films, the tradition is slowly but steadily gaining ground. We don't really do the 'trick or treat'-thing, but our stores are now carrying a large collection of orange/black/skulled decorations (by no means as crazy as in the US of course), and more and more bars organize Halloween-themed parties (usually Friday/Saturday closest to October 30th).  

Well, since I really like pumpkin-soup and Love to fancy dress, you don't hear me complain about this tradition crossing the big pond (even though it appears to mainly be about stores making an extra profit on anything that has anything to do with skulls, pumpkins and fake blood).

What I like about Halloween (a part from the soup and dress-up) is the fact that it is a very 'crafty' holiday: the pumpkin carving, the home-made fake blood and creepy decorations...
So many great DIY-ideas to be found on the WWW:

Halloween-themed candy, for example:
Vampire Blood Lollies - DIY instructions here
Or how about these very stylish pumpkin-decorating ideas? (spotted on Curbly's round-up):

Swell Designer
And this free download: Halloween wrapping paper

And don't get me started on all the cuter than cute DIY outfits... But I guess I'll dedicate a separate post to those around our own (Southern) Dutch fancy-dress tradition: Carnaval (not until next year, unfortunately).


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