The online catalogue of impossible objects

Discovered a while ago via Automatism: The online catalogue of impossible objects ('Catalogue d’Objets Introuvables') by Frenchman Jacques Carelman.

Carelman -who sadly passed away earlier this year- explained his products as follows:

“Human activities are countless and varied. Some make airplanes, others turn into public funds or into a conversation. Personally, I prefer to strip common objects of their normal use. It’s less dangerous, more honest and infinitely more fun! My objects, as opposed to objects worshipped by our consumer society, are perfectly useless. “

As it turns out, T and I even have two of his catalogues (both from the 70ties) on our bookshelf:

However, I wasn't yet familiar with the 3-dimensional versions of his designs.
Here are a few examples:

Flat Chair
"Recommended because it doesn’t get in the way. It can be piled in great quantities."

Cat bag

"Useful so that your cat can travel comfortably without having to use an anti-aesthetic and outdated wicker basket. Padded and flexible skin bag. Plexi-glass mask with head-hole. Solid wings. Back zipper. Original article of excellent taste."

Folding travel anvil
"Specially recommended for blacksmiths who must move around constantly for professional reasons. It comes with a solid wing and a hook that guarantees its perfect closure during transportation. A highly resistant article."

Gadget to put an accent over "i"

"Is there anything worse than a letter without a punctuation or accents on the “ i ”? This artifact, simple and solid, solves this inconvenience. Indispensible in every modern office."

Pram wheel barrow
"Especially designed for farm women who wish to take their babies to fields and orchards."

Wheel skates for dancers
"They prevent classical dancers who want to skate from ruining the arches of their feet, something that happens with normal skates, which force them to step flat." 

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