Instagram lately: Flea-market and Nam Kee

Last month I went to one of the largest open air Flea-markets in the Netherlands: the monthly IJ-hallen-market in Amsterdam-North.
I had planned to write a post about it, but halfway through the day the heavens suddenly burst open and pretty much washed out the whole site.

A few snapshots I took before the Rains came:

After The Rain had happened I actually scored a few really nice bargains from vendors who were very ready to go someplace dry, so it wasn't all bad.
(I snapped up the little wooden fire-truck from the second picture for only €1,-)

Maybe I'll visit the flea-market again this month. Still in need of some stuff for BB.

T and I also went out for dinner with a friend in the small China-town section of Amsterdam.
The reason to go to this particular restaurant (Nam Kee) is that it has the best steamed oysters in town.
Obviously we had some.
I opted for the Peking duck as a main course. Don't they look tasty hanging in the window? (I know, not really...but my dish was great).

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