Secret in a shelf: Clopen by Torafu Architects

Spotted on Japanese blog Spoon&Tamago: The Clopen shelf/drawer by Torafu Architects.
(Name sound familiar? That's very possible: They're the people who came up with the worldfamous Airvase design.)

I am always really liking the floating shelves, even more (a lot more actually) when there's a secret drawer hidden in them like Torafu Architects fixed:

photos by Yosuke Owashi
The great thing is: the drawer handles are these little (magnetized) wood stubs, that can just be kept separately (on your key chain, for example). Which is great because I am usually not a fan of overly-present handles on drawers. (Always struggling with it when I'm designing cabinets myself).

When visiting the Torafu website, please note the 'J/E'-option in the top right corner of your screen. It's probably easiest to change the language to English (I think, but maybe you're a pro in reading Japanese, I don't know...).


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