Homeless street art: Michael Aaron Williams

These card-board homeless people made by artist Michael Aaron Williams have been popping up in several city's over the last years.

Here's what he has to say about his work on his own website:

"Some of the pieces I create are made for a gallery and some for the street in which the placement is necessary to add to the thematic meaning of the piece. Making something that has its own natural lifespan is very interesting to me. Because the paintings are of people on the street I also put them on the street where they are exposed to that which can destroy them. I want the pieces to have hope, so I dont glue them to the wall I simply tape them so that the viewer can take them down and hopefully take them home. So when the pictures are left up and if no one takes them they will cease to exist. They will be destroyed and blown away in the wind or other forces that will rip them down and throw them away."

If I ever discover one of his pieces on an outside wall, I wouldn't think twice about bringing them home!
(alright, maybe I would, but only because the outside setting does the pieces so much more justice than they could ever get indoors)

All images courtesy of the artist (michaelaaronart.com)
Discovered via 16house


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