Navajo rugs

Since we T (let's be honest) painted all the floors in our house with grey concrete-paint, we're in need of some rugs to cosy things up a bit.
I love the striped and chevron rugs from UO, Ikea and the sorts, but lately my eye was caught by vintage Navajo rugs, the ones on Old Brand New Blog, for example:

Images courtesy of Old Brand New Blog

The cold and wet Northern European streets I dwell in are far, far away from Navajo-land. Nevertheless, I managed to find a few Navajo-ish rugs of my own:
photograph by WorldofDriftwood
The one with the arrow-holding-men on it (made in Mexico) found a place in our hallway, while the light rug (which I found for a mere €3,- on a flea-market) is a happy addition to our bedroom.

I am not so sure about the third -blueish- one. When I came home with it, it turned out to be a bit bigger than I had imagined it / our house turned out to be smaller than I thought. Either way, at this moment there's not really a place for it. Maybe once we've broken down the wall in our living room....

Or I'll just make it into something new, like these gorgeous rug-pillows, or a pouf (with this tutorial from Retropolitan for example).

via pinterest - original source unknown
Rug-to-pouf tutorial by Retropolitan


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