The ordinary done pretty: Straws

I found these heart-shaped drinking straws online, and kind of loved them.
The only thing is, i'm not really into heart-shaped things that much. So i went on a little online quest to see if somebody already had come up with the brilliant idea of making triangular straws.

Turns out nobody has yet.
(and i'm totally claiming the idea).

What a lot of people did come up with though, is the idea of reinventing the paper straw.

I'm totally loving these:

Photograph courtesy of Beve
They're by Beve!, a small business based in Virginia, that's operated by designer Lauren Boggs Meslar.
Her paper straws are available in stores all over the US, and -luckily for us non-USsians- online via her Etsy Store. (check out the birch ones!)

On a side note: Today T and i (and X of course) might be house hunting for the last time... More news soon!


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