Familiar Alien: Glass Farm by MVRDV

My inner jury is still out on this one:

Image by Persbureau van Eijndhoven

Obviously it's a mighty interesting building.
A strong image. MVRDV-worthy.
And a perfect mixture of the historic / familiar with the contemporary / alien.
It's massive, yet at the same time it's kind of etherial.
It's there, but it's not there.

At least if you go by the photographs...
I'm sure the building is very much there when you're on the square of Schijndel, the small village in the south of the Netherlands where it was build.
Coming from an even smaller village in that same part of the country, i'm not sure if i would be happy with a building this massive and modern in its centre.
(i know, i sound like one of those old townspeople who want to keep all things as they are, forever)

I guess i'll have to go see this Glass Farm with my own eyes to make up my mind.
Since undertakings like that are best planned when the sun is out, it might be a while before i'll be able to share my final verdict.

More information about the Glass Farm click here, or go to the MVRDV website


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