The lowly are strong - Laura Normandin

At one of my Pinterest-browsing tours i came across these beautifully painted-on bottles:

A little on-line research led me to Laura Normandin.
On her website I found a few other projects.
There's something about the colors, about the way Laura draws her 'symbols'. Her work just appeals to me, big time.

The Mercy Seat - cutouts with found materials - 2002

Man of Sorrows - inkjet print - 2003

An Anthology of internal exploits and external joys - Hand-bound book of treated Japanese paper - 2003

I also found this Artist statement:
What i didn't find, however, was any sign of the bottles, or of more recent projects.
Curious about what it would cost me to get myself one of those bottles, i visited Laura's Etsy store, but at this moment the shop (Wren Handmade) doesn't appear to have anything on it.
Also, her last blog entry was from September last year.

This absence on the web made me wonder, so i decided to send her an e-mail to see if she is alright and what she's up to nowadays.
Unfortunately she hasn't replied (yet?), which means her on-line absence will remain a mystery for now.
I still wanted to show her work, 'cause i just really like it. Hope she doesn't mind.

If there's anyone out there who can tell me more about Laura, please get in touch.


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