Empty spaces

T and I still haven't solved the house problem, but I'm sure it will work out one way or another.
We're doing all we can. Something will work. 
It will.

Meanwhile, I'm dreaming about bright empty spaces...

Spotted here - original source unknown
spotted here - original source unknown

If i'd have a say in the matter, obviously i would choose to stay put right now. 
(I don't think anyone would choose to move within four months of the birth of their first child.) 
But there's nothing we can do. 
It's final: We have to be out of this house by March 27th.

And well...
Since it's inevitable, i'm starting to look forward to moving. 
(As long as we can move someplace we can stay, that is.) 
I'm very ready for a new empty space to make my own.  
It will probably not be nearly as pretty as the above photographs, but eventually it will be home.

I'm looking forward to home.


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