Donna Wilson (colourful, smiley, messy, bendy, Scottish)

Lately a lot of times when I really liked something knitted and I followed the link back to the original source, the name 'Donna Wilson' would pop up.

Time to find out a bit more about this designer:

Donna Wilson is originally from Scotland, where she studied at Grays University in Aberdeen. She worked  as an assistant designer for a knitwear company for a year, decided her education wasn't quite complete yet and went on to specialize in mixed media textiles in a master at the RCA.

After finishing her MA in 2003 she thought it would be about time to set up her own company in London, passionate about 'making things that our customers will treasure'.
Her studio is committed to use UK based manufacturers and suppliers as much as possible, in an attempt to keep local craftsmanship alive. Furthermore: she always uses natural yarns, mainly lambswool.

In 2010 Donna Wilson won the prestigious Elle Deco British Designer of the Year award, which she considers to be one of the highlights of her career until now.

There's a bit of Dutch pride to add to this story: Donna was part of a student exchange in Maastricht, where she studied for one semester.

Enough with the words, here's the work:

For more information about Donna Wilson (and a webshop), visit her website.
She also has a Blog, here.


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