White marble

For me, white marble used to be a definite NO.

Used to be.

Lately I noticed that my aversion against white marble counters or tabletops gradually started to become less and less.

Don't get me wrong, I still wouldn't invest in a full-sized marble-topped dining table (if only because we live on a first floor), but the idea of a small side table with a nice roundish white marble top, or a little cabinet with a top of the white stone doesn't feel so 'grandma-ish' all of a sudden.

On the contrary... I might be gradually starting to lean towards the 'have to have'-idea.
Hmm. Let's see what T thinks about this.

Jardan's new Sydney showroom - photographs by Ward Roberts
spotted on Pinterest

Kitchen of Caitlin van Horn by Designsponge - via Pinterest
Bathroom by Coastal living - via Georgica Pond

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